Elena's Story

Fighting for my freedom, my love, my life.

Talking to the Moon, book, Elena Ivanova

Elena fled her homeland, career, family & friends to live as she wants. This is not a WWII story. It is contemporary. She fled Russia and an impending forced marriage. She lived like a deep-cover spy to effect an elaborate escape to Kiev, Ukraine, where she met a westerner and triggered a chain of events that led to the two women going underground, then crossing the planet in a run for their lives. The story of "Elena and Meg" went viral in 2017. At the time, Elena had written a memoir of her escape in Russian. Finally, she has retold the story, in English.

Talking to the Moon is Elena's account of events over one year, from meeting Meg online, to finally engineering a hair raising escape to Ukraine.

She has written it in 3rd person, to deal with the very real pain and horror of the ordeal. Something far too many women find themselves trapped in, without escape. She encourages others to break out, and take back their lives.

The story didn't end in Kiev, but Elena's solo escape did. From then on it was Elena and Meg crossing the planet, entirely on their own, to Canada's west coast, without the right to land! But that's another story.


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