In 2006 I headed for the open sea on a sailboat that I hardly knew what to do with and I had seen the sea only twice before then. I went on with my voyage. It was days at first, then weeks, then months. Was I mad? No way! The audacious escape from my home town in Russia and the voyage across the world, was my dream come true! I was with the person I loved and, finally, I was my authentic self.

Talking to the Moon is a story of the very first steps toward my dream. When I learned to trust myself, to listen to my heart and eventually refused to sacrifice my life for others' vision of me. It's been one heck of a battle. But the rewards are infinite. I'm here to tell the story! I don't live a lie. I am with Meg. And I am having the kind of adventure, I couldn't have conceived of, back in Russia!

 Talking to the Moon, Elena Vaytsel

Trying to sleep was pointless. How could she plough a straight course to a hopeless future now, as if she was blind to what was happening to her? Meg's letter made her see so much, to question her life, her world and its doctrines.