Elena Ivanova
Author of Talking to the Moon

Elena Ivanova, of Elena and Meg

Elena's Past Life, in Russia

Elena and her mother, Ivanovo, Russia, 1982 Elena and her father, Mayday celebration, Ivanovo, Russia, 1984 Elena, Mayday celebration, Ivanovo, Russia, 1984 Elena with her family's bicycle, Ivanovo, Russia, 1984 Elena's first day in school, Ivanovo, Russia, 1986 Elena, at her family's garden allotment, Ivanovo, Russia, 1994 Elena at her desk, Ivanovo, Russia, 1996 A photo Elena sent Meg, Elena at her computer, Ivanovo, Russia, 2005

Elena Building Her and Meg's House in British Columbia

Elena is encouraged to use a dangerous and powerful tool for the first time in her life, Victoria, 2007 Elena sands drywall, Victoria, 2007 Elena strips paint off an old door, Victoria, 2007 Elena installs wall boards, Victoria, 2007 Elena, a minute of rest, Victoria, 2007 Elena cuts a sheet of plywood, Victoria, 2007 Elena is introduced to a framing nail gun, Victoria, 2007 Elena loves using the nail gun, Victoria, 2007 Elena installs a light fixture, Victoria, 2007

Elena's Current Life With Meg

Sailing in British Columbia, 2008 Elena meets her compatriot sailors aboard the Russian tall ship <strong>Pallada,</strong> Victoria, 2011 Crossing Georgia Straight, BC, 2012 In a Victoria pub, 2010 Changing batteries on Bodaicea, Marina del Ray, CA, 2012 On board Boadicea, off Cabo san Lucas, 2015 Elena, not so happy with her and Meg's endless exile, Boadicea, off Mexican coast, 2015 Elena channels her inner Russian mobster, Halifax, NS, 2017